Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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Kornwestheim & ESG

Kornwestheim is an enjoyable town, located on the fringes of the "Strohgäu",

between the capital of Baden - Württemberg Stuttgart, and Ludwigsburg.

Kornwestheim was first mentioned in the 4./5. Century and got its name in the 17th. Century. 


Due to the convenient location and the opening of the railroad connection between Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg in the year 1846, the city continuously grew.

Factories like Salamander, which was founded by Jakob Sigle in 1885, as well as Stotz and Kreidler, were also formative for the history of the city.

Kornwestheim isn't a small village anymore, it now has 30.000 inhabitants.

There is a big railroad shunting yard, a stadium, a cinema, an airport, schools and parks.

In one of the beautiful parks the Ernst Sigle Gymnasium is located.

It has about 800 students and 68 teachers.

If you want, you are invited to visit our school:



This is the Ernst-Sigle Gymnasium